Florizyme-L the ultimate yield enhancer. This Florizyme-L is a world class organic yield enhancer developed through years of dedicated research and development . This Florizyme-G is a Bio-organic nutritional product derived from Vegetable Source (Phyto origin) enriched with essential ingredients required for plant growth promotion and for higher yields. READ MORE


Aminomin is a biotech research product and mixture of essential natural amino with combination of seaweed extract .Amionmin is useful for enhancing the yield and for improving quality of all vegetables furits and other plantation crops. READ MORE


Humicmin is a combination of humic acid based on latest combination formula .Humicmin stimulates the enzyme process in plants that results in to adequate and proptaional .Humicmin helps in early sprouting of the seeds, the sprout develops quickly and constant rate .Due to natural basic element contain in Humicmin the leaves and roots of the plant develops greater absorbing power, As a result the plants grows up quickly ,more healthy covering border radius READ MORE