It is the fundamental truth of life: We ARE what we eat. Our physical growth, our health, our immunity, our very survival depends on it. Unfortunately, we have already poisoned the very well of life we drink from (our environment), with excessive use of toxic chemical products. .
And today, as we stand face to face with dangerous levels of environmental degradation and ecocide repercussions, there is a critical need to reverse this vicious cycle.
We must begin with the Soil – the basic platform of all human food sources on land. (Concurrently, we need to purify the other food source platform – the Sea – too, by regulating effluent infusions into it).
A well-nurtured, healthy Soil enables environment-friendly, healthy agriculture, sustainable across future centuries. It ensures the safety and good health of human generations that live off it.
In this expedient battle to regain the purity of our Soil, Organic Fertilizers Micro Nutrients Organic Pesticides and Fungisdes and high-quality Bio Fertilizers play momentous roles.

Our Vision

  • Manufacturing of Granulated Organic Fertilizer.
  • Bio Organic Research Centre
  • Introduction of new Bio & Herbal Products