Product Description: Extracted from shell of shrimp and crab,it is a new bio-fungicide.It can stimulate the synthesis and activation of chitinase and bacteriophage in the cell of can resist fungi,virus and bacteria

Content: chitosan 3% & other herbal extract
PH Value : 5.5 to 6.5


  • Improve the resistance ability of crops
  • speed the photosynthesis
  • Improve the ability of the anti-chilly,anti-drought and anti-high temperature ability
  • strengthen the resistance of the membrane to photogenic
  • Enhance the yield of crops,improve the content of chlorophyll

Application Method

Crops Dieases Time of Application Dilution Method
downy mildew Fusarium wilt verticillium wilt Ring spot Anthracnose Angular leaf spot Soft rot Root-knot nematode before colonization,before or during the incidence period,7-10 days before
colonization,or the early
600-700 Foliar spray
600 Seed Soaking
Before colonization 600 Root Dipping
After Seedling 600 Root Irrigating


  • Application immediately after dilution
  • The effect will reduce if we use in high temperature or before rain
  • The best spraying time is after 4pm,to avoid strong strong light
  • Widely spray on leaves,under the side of leaves,stalk and buds
  • Because of natural plant ingredients,it can promote growth,increase yield and improve quality of crops
  • Please store in a dark cool and arid place,keep away from high temperature and strong sunshine
  • Shelf life:2 years